{{bar.unlocked_label}} of {{bar.goal_label}} gathered

Every click on a .hiv website triggers a micro donation

The money for these donations stems from registry fees of .hiv domains


have been triggered by now

The pool of money from the domain sale sets free a micro donation for each click on a .hiv domain

To date, this results in {{money}} - continue to click on .hiv webpages in order to increase the amount.


is needed for the project

Projects apply for a fixed amount of funds. As soon as these are triggered through clicks, the money is forwarded.

The current project We-ACTx for Hope applied for {{goal}}.


This is where the funds go

Rwanda is one of the most long-suffering and poorest countries in Africa. HIV/AIDS is only one of many severe problems the country has to face. This is why it is so important that organizations like WE-ACTx for Hope take care of affected women and children in these countries.


is triggered for each click

The counter value which is triggered for each click on a .hiv domain equals {{increment}}.

This is not a lot, but the large number of clicks and .hiv websites can quickly become a large amount.


number of times clicked on .hiv sites

The more often .hiv sites are visited, the more donations are triggered.

Whenever you see a click counter on a such a page, your click triggered a micro-donation. You could add them as bookmarks.

from {{price}}/mo

you get your own domain

Anyone can buy .hiv-domains starting at a monthly fee of $1.60. All surplus from domain sales supports the charitable work of selected organizations.

NGOs receive their .hiv domain free of charge.

Breaking news: The next chapter of .hiv

We have a big vision for .hiv! And we took a big step to make it come true: A new owner, and fabulous successor, will take over the lead in the .hiv journey: Uniregistry Corp., Top 5 in the world of domain names, forward thinker and simply: a great company, is the perfect vessel to scale and internationalize the .hiv movement. Of course, .hiv domain names remain charitable, and dotHIV will stay on board to support the social mission. We are happy and grateful for this amazing opportunity!

This is starting a new chapter, and we want to do it together with you.

Learn more in our press release.

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The idea in 95 seconds

You can already click to save lives

These sites generate a micro-donation when you visit them. Go on, visit them and share them with your friends!

Buy your own .hiv domain

For only {{price}} a month you can get your own .hiv domain which you can purchase at domain supermarkets—the so-called registrars.

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Use your .hiv domain as a second entry door to your homepage. Attract new traffic for your site and make your visitors happy because the micro-donation turns every visit to your site into a good deed and users reach your website with a better feeling. Combine social responsibility with new visibility and attractiveness for your website.

How the micro-donation works

Find .hiv domains fully automated

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How to bring users to your .hiv domain

clickstart.hiv Winner Showcase

Find out who the winners of our Hyve contest are and what they want to do with their own .hiv domains. We want to thank all participants again for their great ideas. We are looking forward to let some of them become reality.

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Digital Tripping Stone
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Stubs in the City
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.HIV as Email-ending
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The digital T-Shirt
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Guerrilla Pavement Art 'Flash'

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